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Income For Life

The Income For Life Model™ is an investment strategy designed to provide inflation-adjusted income for life. Unlike the past, today's retirees will be forced to rely more upon their own savings to produce retirement income. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are unprepared for the challenge of providing it.

Income for Life offers:

  • Inflation-adjusted income for life
  • Enhanced financial security
  • Easy implementation

The Income for Life Model™ allocates assets in a way that places a heavy emphasis on strategies designed to provide income that continues over long periods of time. This is important because Americans are increasingly being forced to rely upon their own retirement savings to create the retirement income they'll need. With longevity increasing and interest rates low, creating durable streams of retirement income can be challenging. The Income for Life Model™ provides a sound foundation for creating that income.

How Can It Help You?

By helping you achieve a level of psychological comfort over your retirement assets. First, by identifying the amount of assets you have available to dedicate to producing income, The Income for Life Model™ can help you identify a baseline retirement income for today and in the future. It can then allocate those assets with the goal of producing increasing retirement income adjusted for a reasonable inflation factor.

By emphasizing guaranteed income streams, The Income for Life Model™ can help you keep more aggressive assets invested for longer periods of time. Too often, people move in and out of investments quickly, suffering sub-par results along the way. These sub-par results are ultimately dangerous to a financially secure retirement.

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